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Thank you so much and welcome to OLY Life!

As an Olympic Weightlifter I found it really difficult to find apparel that embodied the unique spirit of Olympic Lifting. Through my experience I have found that lifting is not just a sport, it becomes a way of life. It infiltrates our lives and teaches us lessons. It becomes part of us. There are so many values that we can learn from the challenges of lifting that have a direct impact on how we live our lives. I've heard this countless times from other people and if you are an OLY Lifter you probably know exactly what I mean.

Olympic Weightlifting is an escape, it's mindful therapy where we think of nothing else except that lift, that bar in front of us; a place we can go to decompress or let out energy. The bar is a constant, it's always there to challenge us.  It makes us work hard, tests our perserverance; we will fail; we will be frustrated; we will also have a sense of accomplishment and excitement.. it's all part of this amazing sport, as is life.  I want you to feel courageous, brave and strong, believing you can accomplish anything when you wear our apparel. That is the spirit of Oly Life.  

Not everyday is a personal best, not in weightlifting or in life but we keep pressing on. Trying to be just a little better than we were yesterday. Olympic Lifting has taught us that.. it's the Oly Life. 

Brenda Gyarmati

Founder Oly Life