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Workplace Reflection – It Is All For Him

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Work Hard With Joy – Workplace Reflection All of us have experienced “down days”, in this workplace reflection, OlyLife would like to encourage you to keep in mind a higher purpose when you put your work shoes on today.  We don’t just work for our boss at the office or on the job site; we…

Are You Afraid – Build Your Confidence

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Do You Live In Fear and Need To Build Your Confidence? Life can be scary.  Perhaps you need to build your confidence before you conduct a meeting, give a presentation, host a group of strangers, or face a difficult circumstance. OlyLife wants to encourage you to be strong and to build your confidence through the…

Want To Increase Your Productivity?

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Increase Your Productivity For What Is Good And Lasting It is excellent that you work hard in your career, often you are looking to increase your productivity.  OlyLife wants to encourage you to also increase your productivity for doing good.  Your work is important and will still likely be there tomorrow and the day after…

Are You Above Others?

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Ever Around People Who Feel They Are Above Others? Do you honestly avoid some groups of people or believe that you are above others?  Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves to be humble and to recognize that if it were not for the grace of God, we could be in much different circumstances in our…

Be A Teacher

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You Can Be A Teacher By Words Or Example Not all of us will be a teacher by profession, however, we all can be a teacher through the example of how we conduct our daily walk.  OlyLife is here to offer encouragement to folks around the world who may be wondering how they can make…

No One Sees My Good Work

God Sees Your Good Works

Sometimes It Seems Like I’m Invisible Do you ever feel that no one sees your good work?  You labor hard at your job and toil toward living out the tenets of a good life, only to be left with the feeling of under-appreciation.  You may look around and see others who live in the limelight…

Handling Conflict At Work

Handling Conflict At Work

Workplace Tips – Handling Conflict At Work Ever go to the office with a pit in your stomach because there is conflict at work?  A key part of a happy work life is having a spiritually centered life where you do not feel like you are in the midst of backbiting or undermining behavior in…

Improve Public Speaking

Improve Public Speaking

Improve public speaking skills and you will be on your way to making the most of your career. Robert Graham can help you learn what to do and not to do to make an effective presentation and confidently speak to groups of any size!