Education Improve My Life – A Great Education Is More Than School

Plan Your Steps In Life

Want To Give Yourself Or Your Child A Great Education – It Requires More Than School If you want to maximize the educational experience for yourself, or your child, then OlyLife suggests to you that you include things beyond school into your plan. ¬†Yes, high school and university studies are necessary and important, but in…

What’s The Best College?

Universtity or College Lecture Hall What Suits You

“Best College” For My Child If you want to improve your life and send your child to the “best college“, OlyLife wants you to remember that there is not a universal “best college”. Yes, there are great universities as highlighted by magazines such as Newsweek and Us News and World Report which offer lists of…

Education Is a Life-Long Process to Improve Your Life

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Improve My Life With Education If you want to have a better life then OlyLife recommends that you never stop your education. Even if you are not big on sitting in a classroom, you can find on line courses or pursue learning in hobbies such as auto repair or painting etc. Who knows, you may…

Education – Study Skills and High School

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Let’s face it, if you want to improve your life, getting a great high school education with good grades is key. If you are in class and are not getting A’s, then you are lowering your opportunity quotient. The students with the best grades are offered the better university or workplace opportunities.

Gifted Education – Is Gifted a Good Thing?

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Education – Gifted Is Good, But Not Easy If you are like most, you want to improve your life by helping your gifted child flourish. Some might think it is easy to raise a gifted son or daughter, but that is not necessarily the case. OlyLife is aware that for some children who are identified…

History Leaps Off the Pages of Unbroken

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Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption¬†by Laura Hillenbrand Why You Should Read It: If you want to improve your leisure time and learn a lot about life during World War II, then OlyLife recommends you read Unbroken. This is a fast-paced, true story of Luis Zamperini by author Laura Hillenbrand,…

Johns Hopkins Summer Programs – High School

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Have you ever considered sending your child to an academic summer camp? There are a number of excellent university-hosted summer camps that can be an important in helping your child improve his or her life. One such example is the Johns Hopkins CTY (Center For Talented Youth) summer program.