Help Your Child Find A Passion

A Passion Leads To Learning - An Educated Life Is A Better Life - That's OlyLife!

If you want to help your child get a great education, then help him or her to find a passion – something that they just love to do.  This can start with home projects like building a lego robot, a hobby such as cultivating insect eating plants, or other interest such as painting or writing short…

Apply For Grants, Scholarships, Aid And Go To College

Smart Move Is To Apply For Grant Money For College - An Educated Life Is A Better Life - That's OlyLife!

If You Don’t Have Money – Apply For Grants, Scholarships or Aid In Addition To Working To Go To College There are many grant, scholarship or aid dollars that go unused because students are not doing the work in applying for the money.  Go to the bookstore and internet and search for the thousands of…

How To Make Kids Do Well In School

Education Is A Choice - Choose To Improve Your Life - That's OlyLife!

Sometimes You Have To Make Your Kids Do Well In School – Grades Not Good – Create Change Tough Love Warning:  As a parent sometimes you have to make your kids do well in school and do what it takes to get them to study to get good grades.  It is a hassle, it requires…

Can My Son Or Daughter Go To College: What It Takes

Help Your Child Get An Education - Money Will Follow - Improve Life - That's OlyLife!

Go to College: Grades or Money Listen, we know it is important for your son or daughter to go to college and often it takes grades and money.  If, however, OlyLife had to choose; we believe that grades are more important than money.  In fact, if you can help your son or daughter become a…

How To Get My Teen To Do Well In School

Teens Must Do Well In School - Education Improves Your One and Only Life - That's OlyLife

If you are asking how to get my teen to do well in school because you just don’t know what to do, OlyLife will offer some thoughts on education that you may want to consider. First, school should be the number one priority for any teenager. There is little chance for a very bright future if your teen does not do well in school as education is the building block for most successful careers. Therefore, OlyLife believes there should be no doubt in your home about the fact that there is no higher priority in terms of how teens spend time than doing school work.

When Should You Start Preparing For The SAT and ACT?

Begin Studying For SAT and ACT Early For Top Score - Improve My Life -That's OlyLife!

Prep for ACT and SAT Early And You Will Likely Do Better Some folks will tell you that colleges don’t want kids who study for the SAT or ACT and that the test is designed to measure what you have learned up through your junior year in high school.  While that may be true, follow…