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Ever Here A Prompting Gentle Whisper In Your Mind – An Inaudible Divine Idea?

Perhaps you are a prayerful person who will say that you have never heard the voice of God or a whisper from God.  Would that be weird?  No, OlyLife doesn’t think so.  In our walk of faith God can speak to us in many ways.  Often, a spiritual prompting will come from meditating on the Holy Bible as we ask the Spirit to help us interpret how we should apply the scriptural lesson in our daily lives.  In the Old Testament, we learn of people whom God spoke to in what appears to be an audible fashion.  Surely, God can do this today, but for whatever reason, He chooses not to do so.  We don’t hear of modern day accounts of burning bushes calling out to us.  In Exodus 3:4 we learn that God called to Moses and the most interesting part is “Moses said, “Here I am.”  This brings us to the focus of this reflection, when you do hear a prompting, idea, thought, or whispers from God; how do you respond?”  Do you open your heart and mind and say “Here I am Lord.” or are you often too busy and therefore say, “not now”, “tomorrow”, “I’ll stop next time”.

Whispers From God Are Precious

When a prayer regarding a decision is answered through a whisper from God, it can be awesome.  You may find an immediate peace as you follow God’s prompting in the matter that you placed before Him.  These whispers from God are precious, because often we may feel that God has no answer for us when we get no prompting or response.  When you feel God call on you, OlyLife encourages you to say “Here I am” and respond to the promptings of your Creator.  Listening for whispers from God and then acting upon them, will help you make the most of your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!

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