How to Get Organized In A Hour

how to get organized

Looking around your house or office you may notice a lot of things right away that seem to be out of place. There’s a pile of papers on the end of the desk, that box of things sitting in your kitchen from when you moved, maybe there are even Christmas decorations hanging out in the living room waiting to be put away. Read on to learn how to get organized in an hour.

When you start adding all of these things up in your head, you will feel like you have an endless to do list. If you’re not someone who loves to organize or clean things there’s a bigger chance that these things are going to go unnoticed and unchanged. What you may not realize is that cleaning and organizing is good for you.

Forget the whole “Feng shui” phenomenon; this isn’t about rearranging everything and putting plants out to make your space more inviting. It’s about simply taking an hour to get things organized.  You’d be surprised at how good you will feel. If you’re not looking to turn off your entire day to get some organizing done, no problem. Take a look at each room in your house and spend one hour on some very small tasks.

How to Get Organized In the Bedroom

Get a hold of that dresser. Over time, as we dig for socks, shirts, and pants, the drawers become unruly. Sure, we fold the laundry and put it on top of the mess, but the things underneath can be a big mess. Pull everything out, fold it, and give yourself some order to the madness. Maybe no one sees the mess but you’d be surprised how many extra pairs of socks you might run across.

Spend an Hour In the Kitchen

Open the fridge and take stock of what is in there. Now, ask yourself when was the last time you used this stuff? Is there anything you can throw out – look for expired items, things you forgot were in there, or items in plastic containers you don’t recognize anymore. Throw those things away and find the milk when you need to.

Organize the Living Room/Den

Do you have a bookshelf? Has it become an area where coins, keys, and junk has collected over the past few months? Take an hour to clean the bookshelf – dust off the shelves, put the books upright, and clear off the clutter. Our eyes will be drawn to where more things gather so when you have a mess like that cluttering up, it will be all you see when you walk into the living.

The Guest Room Can Be Organized Lickety Split

Guest rooms sometimes become a place for things to gather when you don’t know where to put them. The closet of a guest room can be a vacuum for the things you don’t know what to do with. Spend an hour in the guest room and tackle the closet – get the clothes you don’t wear anymore and make a donation box or actually put some things in the attic.

Understanding how to get organized isn’t always easy and sometimes we get ourselves convinced it would be a weekend project and no one wants to spend their weekend cleaning and organizing. Take one hour and do some little things around the house that will make a big difference in feeling accomplished.

Authors Bio Maranda Gibson is the official socialite for the online project management company Her blog provides tips on online collaboration, organization, and getting the most out of online to-do lists. 

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