College Major Boredom

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Are you bored with your college major? Thinking of switching to something more interesting? You would be surprised at the majors that some colleges offer. From Bakery Science to Golf Course Management, some majors are completely out there but they do exist. Here are some examples.

Ways to Beat College Major Blues

Luck of the…Scottish?

Are your ancestors from Scotland? If not, you can still get a degree in bagpipes at two colleges in the nation. One is UC Riverside and the other is Carnegie Mellon, a four-year university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This college has a pipe band which performs at University events. If you are interested you could be the next head of the bagpipe band!


Do you want to improve your bowling skills? Or maybe you want to be a manager of a bowling alley someday. Vincennes University, located in Indiana has the only program of its type. This major is called Bowling Industry Management and Technology. Some of the topics that must be learned are pin setting and lane care. So, if you are an avid bowler or you are looking to major in something crazy, this sounds like a great major for you.

Canadian Studies, eh?

Sit on the chesterfield and let’s talk about this. Colleges have got your European Studies, your Middle Eastern studies, your ancient civilization studies, but they usually do not have studies on our northern friends: Canada. There are a few colleges who offer this major including the University of Vermont, Duke and Johns Hopkins. This major studies the culture, politics and history of that big mass of land above us. Maybe you’ll learn their national anthem too…Oh Canada!

Like to Doodle?

What do you do with a pen and paper when you are crazy bored? I am a big fan of doodling. If you are too, this major might interest you. The Comic Book Art major is for those who are interested in learning how to create humor through illustrations. The best degree where this is offered is the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. You could make doodling a career with this degree!

Red, Red Wine.

So how can I get into the wine business, you ask? Well, you can try majoring in Viticulture and Enology. Many colleges offer this wacky major like Cornell, UC Davis and Washington State University. This major falls under the umbrella of Integrated Plant Sciences at WSU. The topics consist of learning how to grow wine-grapes and how to contribute research to the wine industry.


Do you enjoy a nice juicy steak every now and then? If you do and you are interested in furthering that enjoyment, you could major in Meat Cutting! Yes, that’s right. Learn how to properly receive the animal, cut it and package it. Colleges that offer this major include Eastern Oklahoma State College, Hinds Community College in Mississippi, and a few others in Oklahoma. It may be TOUGH, but you can get through it!

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