How Do I Keep My Kids On Track And Out Of Trouble?

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Involvement And Control Are Important Parent Responsibilities


Parents get tired and busy, so that by the time the kids reach the teenage years there may be a tendency to let them fly solo.  OlyLife suggests that this is a huge mistake.  Sure there are gradual adjustments in freedoms, but staying highly involved and controlling a big part of the teenagers life are still important responsibilities to help kids stay on track.  There are not that many wise adults who would stand up and say ” I wish my parents would have been extremely lax and let me do whatever I wanted to do when I was a teenager.”  Largely because teenagers are not equipped to deny impulse decision making and often will act before having thought through all of the consequences.


Controlling Has Gotten A Bad Rap


Now days, when we hear that someone is “controlling”, immediately we conjure up a control freak who is trying to dictate every moment of your life.  The reality is that we all need to establish boundaries and rules to live by.  Take for example, getting in trouble with alcohol.  It is probably fair to say that most alcohol consumption and problems with DUI happen after working hours.  This is because folks have set up rules at work and employees know that if they drink alcohol on the job  or come into the office drunk they will lose their source of income.  When rules are in place, less trouble happens.  The same is true for teenagers.  If you have rules about homework being done before xbox or PS3 computer gaming, going to parties, or extra-curricular activities; then you are less likely to receive a notice from school that your child is failing due to lack of work completion.  If a teenager has a curfew of Eleven PM., you will have greater odds of avoiding a catastrophic moment and you are not going to get the call at 12:30 AM where there has been a terrible tragedy with drugs, alcohol, or a car accident.  We believe in a general rule when it comes to night life – not much good happens after midnight.  So, don’t worry about being in control a lot of the time until your kid goes off to college and he or she will have learned good habits that will serve them well.  When you are involved, and in control of your teenager, they will stay out of trouble and you will be closer to making the most of your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!

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