How Do I Get Out Of The Ghetto And Live A Better Life?

Getting Out Of The Ghetto - Encouragement For Youth Who Want A Better Life - That's OlyLife!


Encouragement For Those Who Want To Lift Themselves Out Of Poverty


The ideas in this article will help anyone who is living in “the projects” or poor urban areas, but is especially targeted toward young people who are searching for help in creating a plan for a better life.  If you know someone who could benefit, please pass this information on – put it on facebook and so forth.  If we all work together we can lift others up and break the cycle of poverty.


Steps Toward Creating A Plan To Get Out Of The Ghetto, Slums, Trailer Park – Poverty


  • You Are Valued – First and foremost, recognize that you are very valuable as you are a treasured child of a loving God.  If your Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Uncle, or Neighbor doesn’t care about you, you should not feel less than important; because the truth is that you matter to God, to OlyLife and to many others in this world that you do not know.  This may be hard to believe, but it is true.   There are tens of thousands of people who care about you and when you work hard to take care of yourself to build a better life, you may meet some of these people during your journey.  You may be thinking “How does this step help me get out of the ghetto?  – What’s the deal?”  The truth is that your path to a better life begins with knowing that you are loved and respected.  Once you absorb the power in this, you will be able to realize that you have to love yourself and respect yourself because you are very valuable.  When times are tough, your understanding that you need to act out of love and to treat yourself and others with respect, will help you make wise decisions on your way to a better life.  So, believe that God loves you  and ask Him to give you the strength, courage, love, respect, and self-discipline to work this plan to change your life so that you will have a future beyond poverty.


The Next Step To Leaving The Ghetto Behind


  • Education – This is probably something you have heard before, but the sooner you really adopt the mindset that your brain is the ticket out of poor circumstances – the better off you will be.  It takes a lot of work, but you must feed your brain, build up your ability to think, absorb tons of knowledge, if you want to achieve success in a career that will provide you a better life-style.  The key elements of getting a great education:
  1. School – Work Hard – Read Your Text Books – Do Extra Studying – Get Help If You Don’t Understand – Don’t Procrastinate or Put Off Work – Always Turn Work In On Time – Contribute In Class – Let Your Teacher Know That You Want To Become An A Student  And That You Will Work Very Hard.  You Can Get A’s – You Can Do It!!  So many young people waste these years, they don’t realize how important middle school and high school are to opening future doors.  You must plan to go to college to learn important skills for a successful career.  If you do not do well in high school it makes it harder to get accepted into a good college.
  2. The library is a great place to spend time.  Go there and do your homework, then read newspapers, magazines, books.  Read, Read, Read.  If you are not a good reader, ask for help.  There are tutors or caring folks who will help you understand what has been written.  Believe that you can be a scholar in some field, whether it is history, baseball, geography, or science etc, you have the ability to learn a great deal about your areas of interest.
  3. Watch TV – “What?  Are you really saying I should watch TV – Yes?!”  Indeed, OlyLife suggests that you find a place where you can watch national cable news for fifteen to thirty minutes a day.  If you are going to get out of your neighborhood, you must learn about the world around you.  What are the political issues of the day?  Why are people worked up about the stock market?  What is going on in the Middle East?  How many wars are we fighting?  How do I debate issues?  How do I feel about this controversy – where do I stand?  How is the President doing?  Why do you get in trouble if you do or say this or that?  When you watch the news and listen carefully, you are expanding your mind.  Learn to think and express yourself like the national news people and you will make great progress.


Avoid Trouble By Following Two Rules And Managing Your Time Wisely


  • Rule 1. Live With Integrity: Always Do The Right Thing – Never Tell A Lie
  • Rule 2. Follow The Golden Rule:  Treat Others The Way You Would Like To Be Treated


Manage Your Time So That You:


  • Stay Away From Following The Crowd – Get Focused About What You Need To Do
  • Avoid Drugs
  • Do Not Drink Alcohol – It Is Against The Law If You Are Not 21 and It Ruins Lots of Lives
  • Don’t Chase The Fast Buck – There Is Always A Catch – Just Focus On School, College and Career
  • Of course – do not get involved with any crime or thuggery – period
  • Avoid Sex – There’s plenty of time for that after college with marriage – otherwise it can derail your plans – so be smart.  Just say no!


Dare To Be Different


  • Speak well of others – never have unkind words for anyone
  • Don’t swear
  • Find Role Models – National TV, Locally and articulate yourself like they do.  Ask a successful person to be a mentor who can give you advice and encouragement.
  • Be Laser Focused On Your Goals To Become Educated and Successful – Dare To Be Different And You Will Be!


Develop A Strong Work Ethic

  • Don’t procrastinate do your homework right away and always pursue excellence.
  • If you are looking for work for part-time during high school or college knock on as many doors as possible don’t give up.
  • Make a plan for your summers – work – education camps (there are grants) – visit colleges etc.
  • Don’t be lazy – always think there is something I can do to help myself or help others
  • Volunteer – Even if you have nothing, you can give an hour of your time a week to help at the hospital, food pantry, community center and so forth.  (Look into signing up to earn a congressional award for volunteering in your community and improving yourself through personal development.)


Take Care Of Your Body


  • Don’t let yourself get overweight – if you are are already out of shape, commit to exercising daily and control how many calories you eat – check with your doctor or school nurse and get a recommended plan.  It is important that you love and respect yourself and take care of the body that God gave you.
  • Eat Small Healthy Meals
  • Read About Proper Nutrition
  • Exercise Regularly – Every Day
  • Get Regular Medical Check Ups
  • Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day
  • Shower Daily
  • Even If You Wear The Same Clothes Often, wash them daily and make yourself presentable


Be An Example In Your Family


  • Perhaps you have younger brothers or sisters – show them the path to getting out of the ghetto is working hard on school work, and doing the items mentioned above.  Your hard work will leave a lasting impression.
  • Help out your family where you can but your education comes first – no excuses.  You are not going to be able to make a big difference in your family if you remain in the ghetto – your ticket out and to a better life is education!


Manage Your Money Wisely


  • Open A Bank Account (your mom will have to sign as well if under age) – put any money you get in the bank, and only spend when it is absolutely necessary.  You will need every dollar when you go to college.  Even if you get a grant for college, there will be personal expenses, so save for your future.
  • Never accumulate credit card debt
  • Don’t loan out your savings – remember you are working to get out of the ghetto and it is hard so don’t put your money at risk.
  • Don’t buy a car until after college graduation – I know it is a pain, but you should not spend the money on gas, insurance, and so forth.  Use public transportation and once you go to college live in the dorms.  It may not be as cool, but it is financially wise.


Keep Focused On Your Goals


  • Write down your goals and review them often.  When you get down and start wondering why you are working so hard, you will remember why it is so important.
  • Keep looking for new and better ways to expand your mind as well as your ability to achieve.  Perhaps you can become a writer and create your own website where you help others or share your ideas, stories etc.
  • Read OlyLife regularly to continue to learn about how you can improve your life.


A Better Life


Now that you have some actionable steps to creating a better life for yourself, we hope that you will print this article out and really make it your own.  Write down the things that you need to start doing to improve your chances for leaving a life of poverty behind.  Remember, when we say leave the ghetto, we are not talking about the people who are all valuable just like yourself, we are talking about leaving a life of struggles behind.  By getting educated and establishing goals, you will be building a more successful life so that you can live a happier life and can earn enough to give back to society and perhaps help others rise above their current circumstances.  When you make yourself successful and help others by giving back, you are closer to making the most of your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!


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  13 comments for “How Do I Get Out Of The Ghetto And Live A Better Life?

  1. jacqui
    January 24, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    I am a graduate student studying to become a high school guidance counselor in New York City. As with urban areas many parts of the country, children and teens in NYC are facing the historic problem of “ghetto cycle syndrome.” From my experience, schools and communities here could greatly benefit from programs that center around the facets of this article. I am writing to ask if you are aware of any programs, either in NYC or elsewhere, dedicated to empowering these impoverished urban youth based on these principles?? While God and spirituality may be a powerful component in facing this struggle for many, I am interested in finding a program that is neutral to spiritual or religious belief. As a future counselor I would greatly like to implement these vitally important lessons into my work with children and teens, and referring to/utilizing an agency or program that already exists as a resource would be extremely helpful. Please let me know!! Thanks in advance.

    • don immerwahr
      August 1, 2015 at 8:14 pm

      I love your comments. I think that most of what the author writes is correct – “you are loved and respected” this is absolutely true and the great news is – NO BELIEF IN GOD REQUIRED! The author’s GOD requirement automatically excludes people unnecessarily and creates a sense of hopelessness. We need to look at youth as an extremely valuable resource. This country can NOT AFFORD to have our youth lack great, affordable schools and opportunities for advancement and escape from harmful unhealthy environments. We also need to look again at Sir Robert Peel’s 9 rules for policing. Great teachers and great policing and outreach. The word “Public” is not an obscenity – we must elect leaders who will stop our slide into 3rd world status.

      • M. C.
        September 14, 2015 at 2:12 am

        ALWAYS RIGHT, to put God first. Don’t listen to these nay Sayers. All will be added into you, if you put God first. I come from the ghettos of west coast Santa Ana California, and all I did was resist in putting God first, but as soon as I really asked for help, and asked with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, all was turned around for me, in a really ,really, good way. Heck a great way!!!! I can go on and on and on, but it is what it is, in the fact that, I did put God first and the blessings have been immense , and I am out of the ghetto! I will just leave it at that. And keep in mind that in another 100 years none of this will matter much, except what you have arranged with the man upstairs. Jesus is the way, and the only way. Haters gonna hate, but that is their job, so hate on:) and God bless u!

  2. Beau Jackson
    March 1, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    All things work for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. – Romans 8:28. God is the key there’s a reason “you are a treasured child of a loving God” was in the first sentence of suggestions. Other methods might work superficially but only the Lord can change their hearts and even make them productive within their tough situations.

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