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If You Are Ambitious You May Be Wondering How To Become Great

Clearly, many who have come before us have learned how to achieve greatness and you may be asking yourself “How can I become great?”  OlyLife suggests that first you must define what great means to you.  For some becoming great means having lots of money and fame.  Others might subscribe to what the Bible says in Mark 10:43 “.. whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant …” There are after all plenty of people who have fortune and fame but live in misery or handcuffed to an addiction, so these folks are not what most would call great people.  We might put forth that becoming great is determining what talent or passion you have that you can master such that it is both a benefit to those around you and to yourself.  When you find something that you can really sink your heart and mind into and work really hard at it, to the benefit of others whether it is in business, medicine, art, music, engineering, construction etc, you can become great.

That Sounds Good But What Do I Have To Do To Become Great

Listen, there is no golden key to greatness that we can give you.  What you can do to achieve greatness is the following Steps To Achieve Greatness – How To Become Great:

  1. Find a God honoring passion, talent, or work that you can commit to
  2. Put the work shoes on every day to be the very best at whatever endeavor you pursue always to the benefit of others
  3. Don’t stop the continuous education and improvement process – you can always learn something new and improve
  4. Be tenacious and don’t give up
  5. If you are failing – don’t be afraid to change course and choose another field to work in
  6. Measure greatness not by how much you achieve for yourself but rather what you do for others
  7. Love God and Love People – Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated and Act With Integrity Always Doing The Right Thing
  8. If you do any of the above, do number 7 and you will be closer to becoming great!

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