Can God Help Me To Stop Taking Drugs?

God Will Help You Quit Drugs If You Are Willing To Faithfully Work With Help - Encouragement For A Better Life - That's OlyLife!

If You Are Taking Drugs, God can help you to stop

Is your life spiraling out of control and are you wondering “Can God Help Me To Stop Taking Drugs?”.  The answer is yes, a spiritual renewal can help you get out of your addiction.  Take time to pray faithfully and ask God to give you the strength to quit doing drugs.  God answers prayers and will help you, but you also must remember that God works through family, counselors, doctors, rehabilitation centers and so on.  Don’t be like the man who wanted God to save him from the rooftop of the flood, so he turned down help from boats, helicopters, and neighbors stating that God would save him.  The story as told in church says that when he gets to heaven he asks “God why didn’t you save me – I waited faithfully?”  God replies “I sent neighbors, boats and helicopters, but you turned my help away.”  The point is you must allow God to help you, by making the effort to see counselors and doctors etc.

You Can Stop Taking Drugs – God Can Help You Stop Doing Drugs If You Commit

God will help you stop taking drugs if you ask him for help and really allow rehabilitation work to begin.  You must commit to the work.  God is not going to heal you of your addiction unless you pray in faith and do the work in action.  If you call out to God, but then turn around the next day and skip your counseling session or pop the pills, you are fooling yourself.  Ask God to help you do the work with your doctor to get off of the addiction.  There are scientific based programs to help you, so that you don’t have to do it alone.  Ask your church to pray for you and your Christian friends will help encourage you to get on the right track.  Pray that God will help lead you away from those who would drag you back into the world of drugs.  God will help you, as you help yourself.  Stop taking drugs, and improve your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!

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