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How Do I Handle An Employee Who Wants To Be The Boss

Are you in a situation where you have a subordinate employee who wants your job position.  It almost seems like they could care less if you got hit by a bus – they just want your job.  Some employees are so aggressive that they will point out flaws in your business as a reason why they should be given more responsibility to tackle the problems.  They will argue that since they don’t have the authority for this or that area then they can’t fix it, so promote them to a higher level and then they will be able to get the job done etc.  Eventually, you and your boss are wondering, well what if we promote him or her – what will YOU do?   After all, they aren’t going to pay you just to watch over this person while he or she does your job – right?  OlyLife suggests the following:

How To Manage An Employee Who Wants To Move Up Fast

  • First, thank the aggressive employee and let them know they are appreciated
  • Tell them that you expect them to be doing the job you assigned to them for x time before promotion will be discussed
  • Give clear goals and point out areas for their development where you would like to see improvement
  • Tell them that you expect their first priority to be on his or her own knitting but if there are issues under your jurisdiction that impact his or her area to let you know
  • Explain that solution oriented thinking is best – tell them that you expect them to bring potential solutions to the table when they come to you with problems
  • Help your subordinate to understand that they can lead without authority and sometimes job progression happens naturally because they are already leading in cross-functional areas where they do not have direct authority but have demonstrated the ability to get the job done
  • You will be a champion to help them grow in their career, after all you need to be able to back-fill your position when you get promoted, but the employee also needs to demonstrate team work and not just undermine you by pointing out areas of challenge to your boss or others in the organization
  • If your employee wants to get ahead, they need to work well with you and demonstrate team work
  • Make it clear you are the boss – while you listen to feedback – ultimately you have to make the final decision and sometimes they don’t go the way your employee would like them to
  • Always honor the open door policy and never tell them that they cannot talk to your boss, but keep your boss informed about your development plan of your direct reports and in this way, your boss (if they are good) will kick any key issues back down to you and send your employee to you with the understanding that your boss supports you for decisions

Aggressive Employees Are Good But They Need Coaching

The key is to keep these highly energized employees motivated, while coaching them to do excellent work in their current capacity before asking for more responsibility.  Some folks are so used to moving up quickly that they never really become tested over a longer period as they never seem to be in one position long enough for real results to materialize.  Coach your associates and help them to become great leaders while they are achieving the corporate goals.  When you do these things, you will likely have less issues with your employee and you will be one step closer to making the most of your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!

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