Is Your Family Struggling With Drug Addiction? Improve Your Life

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Are You or Your Teenagers Abusing Drugs or Alcohol?  Are You Asking How Do I Improve My Life?

No matter how small or large the drug and alcohol use is with your teenagers, OlyLife recommends that you seek professional assistance to help stop the behavior as soon as possible.  There is no amount of drug use that is ok and we believe that you do not want to wait for the train to go completely off of the tracks before getting help.  Many teens start with an introductory type of drug and then escalate to a more dangerous narcotic.  If you can prevent this stepping stone process, it will be beneficial for your child and for your family.

Teens Are Not Bad, But Their Behavior Can Be Awful

Remember, that deep down, teens are good human beings, but they may be behaving badly by smoking pot, using meth, crack or heroin etc.  The drugs out there today are so powerful that the young folks are getting addicted very quickly.  This is why it is important to try to prevent experimentation or escalation with drugs.  If you discover a problem with your kids and drugs, we encourage you to take action immediately.  Don’t wait on the promise of “ok I won’t do it again”.  If you are lucky enough to find out about the problem before your son or daughter is too far along in the addiction, you may be able to get expert assistance that can help prevent a downward out of control spiral.  Drugs today are not the same as twenty years ago.  Modern technology has been adopted to get users addicted quickly to hasten the revenue stream.  So, don’t wait to get help – none of wants to have a traumatic event occur that robs you or your children of a long, happy and fulfilling life.

Where Can I Turn?

Look on the web and local phone directories for hot-line centers that help with drugs and alcohol problems.  There are hospitals and medical centers that have affiliations with private and state funded drug treatment centers.  Make the appointment and bring your teen in for counseling or enrollment, whichever the assessment expert deems appropriate.  Don’t fall for the “I can’t miss any school” trap.  If there is a serious drug problem, a month or two out of school can be made up and it can make the difference between living or dying, functioning or dependent, success and failure.

Don’t Forget That The Local Church Can Help

There are Christian folks who will encircle your family and support you and your teens with love and compassion if you approach pastoral care with your need.  Do not be shy as this is part of the role of the local church.  God cares about all of his children and you are not alone in this struggle.  If your church won’t assist, go down the street and don’t stop until you find a loving Christian community church.  You will be glad you did.  If you cannot find a church that will help, let us know by commenting below or contact us at and we will see if we can find a Christian support group that will assist you.  So, take the bull by the horns and tackle drug or alcohol abuse at the first signs and you will be making the most of your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!

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