How To Make Kids Do Well In School

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Sometimes You Have To Make Your Kids Do Well In School – Grades Not Good – Create Change

Tough Love Warning:  As a parent sometimes you have to make your kids do well in school and do what it takes to get them to study to get good grades.  It is a hassle, it requires your time and effort, it can demand discipline, but education is the key to the door of success.  You must help your children achieve a decent education.

If You Are Not Making Sure Your Kids Do Well In School – Who Is?

If not you, then who is making sure your kids do well in school?  No one cares about your kids like you do as parents.  The sad reality is that even many teachers do not care if your child decides not to study or do the homework, the attitude is often too bad, so sad.  You as a parent are entrusted with the responsibility to make sure your children understand the importance of school work and that everything else in their lives revolves around this first priority.  Just like you have to go to work, they have to study and do their homework – every day.

If You Can’t Be Bothered To Make The Time – Then Don’t Whine – You Must Help Your Child

Since you are still reading this article, you must care about your son or daughter and you want to help them do well in school.  First, prioritize your life around getting your child an education.  This means that while the family likes to go to movies or hang out, these times are not going to happen if the studying isn’t finished and the grades aren’t B or better.  Spend the time and get to know what your child is studying.  “How’s history going?  What chapter are you on?  When is the next test?  Are You Ready?  Let’s see.  I’m going to ask you a few review questions from the end of the chapter.  (Get a teacher’s manual with answers if necessary for you.)  When did the civil war start? … Hmmm When did the civil war end? hmmm, no, you are definitely not ready, why don’t you spend a little more time studying while I make supper.  When we are finished eating, I’ll quiz you again.”

You Might Say I’m Not Going To Baby My Kids To Do Well In School

Listen, if you want your kids to do well, you must teach them good study habits.  You must make them study.  You must ask them for their assignment note book and check to see that the homework is finished and check it to see that it is done well.  If your child can do well without the above, you don’t need to read this article, but OlyLife knows that the reason kids are not doing well is because they either do not know how or they do not have the motivation.  You have to motivate them to do well, by making sure there is no enjoyment until the work is done to your satisfaction – B or Better – Period.

What If I Have To Work And Don’t Have Time To Help My Kid With School Work

What is more important than helping your son or daughter get an education?  Education is the one thing that will break down economic and societal walls.  When your child is educated, they are less likely to get mixed up in drugs or crime.  If you help your kid achieve despite your long work hours, your child will see how very important education really is to you and to themselves.  You may need to change jobs or change your hours to make sure that your first priority in raising your children is taken care of.  Aside from teaching your children about their heavenly creator and always doing the right thing, there is nothing more important than education.

How To Make Kids Do Well In School

  1. Lead By Example – Invest Your Time By Checking Homework and Helping Them Study
  2. Do Whatever It Takes To Adjust Your Schedule So That You Can Help With School
  3. Everything Revolves Around School – Grades of B or Better Are Only Acceptable,  A’s Preferred
  4. No privileges until grades are turned around.
  5. Reward Good Progress And Good Report Cards
  6. Get Tutoring When Needed – If you can’t help, find someone who can
  7. No friends who do not care about school – help your child choose wisely
  8. Tough Love – It Works When You Really Love And Help
  9. No Excuses For Work Not Getting Turned In, Or Studying Not Getting Done
  10. Three Most Important Items For Career – Education, Education, Education
  11. Congratulate And Recognize Hard Work – Tell Them How Proud You Are and That You Love Them

Help Your Kids Do Well In School and They Will Surprise You

When you help your kids do well, they will surprise you.  You congratulate them when they come home with that better grade and tell them you are proud of them.  Tell them you knew they could do it and that their hard work paid off.  Then encourage them to keep it up.  When you do this, you are making the most of your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!

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  1. June 3, 2011 at 8:43 am

    Stay involved in your child’s academic life. Children whose parents take an active interest in their schooling, regularly outperform children who receive little or no support at home.

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