How Can I Become A Winner In Life? Great Life Doesn’t Just Happen

Are You Winning In Life - Use A Life Plan And Improve Your Life - That's OlyLife!

Do You Want To Win In Life?  Make A Great Life Happen!

If you want to become a winner in life remember that a great life doesn’t just happen by itself.  OlyLife suggests that winning takes planning.  In order to succeed at life, you will want to build your life plan.  We provide more information on how to do this when you subscribe to OlyLife, however, a short overview here will help you get started.  For those of you who want to win in life, think about your overall mission on this earth, then you set a goal for each major area of your life.  An example might be:

  • My Mission:  Help Others By Being The Best Math Teacher of Algebra In The State
  • Spiritual Goal: Demonstrate Love For My Neighbor In All My Actions
  • Health and Fitness Goal: Lose Ten Pounds In Six Months
  • Family Goal: Spend One Hour A Day Playing With My Children
  • Personal Finance Goal: Save Ten Percent More Of My Income
  • Leisure Goal: Create A Family Hobby Like Going To The Lake For Fishing
  • Emotional Goal:  Control Anger Outbursts
  • Career Goal: Continually Improve Teaching Schools Using Latest Techniques

Winning At Life Takes Hard Work In Planning And Action

To create a winning life, we encourage you to do the hard work of creating a life plan.  What is your mission and goals for each key area in life?  What actions will you take to achieve those goals?  When you create a plan with goals and actions along with the requisite effort to follow through and complete those actions, you are building a path for a winning life.  Don’t settle for a loser mindset.  You can win at life if you set a reasonable goal and take a few action steps.  When you see that you are making a bit of progress, this will motivate you even more!  So, go on and take the time to build a life plan – read OlyLife daily for inspiration and you will be a step closer to making the most of your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!

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  1. isaac leonardo
    October 19, 2015 at 11:18 am

    Helpful article ! I am thankful for the insight – Does someone know if my assistant might be able to find a sample My Life Planning Workbook document to work with ?

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