Great Communication Is Key To Improving Your Career Life

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Can Great Communication Skills At Work Improve My Life?

Great communication skills are a must have if you want to continue to progress up the career ladder. Productivity and Dedication are also important attributes, but if you can’t communicate your progress in an outstanding fashion verbally or in written form; you may be left behind. If, for example, someone leads an excellent quality improvement initiative that reduces inventory expenses by five percent, but when he or she emails the result, it is not clear or he or she writes statements such as “We seen good progress in our cost reduction.” or “I’m aware of how important cost controls is, because I seen Fastco go out of business.” ¬†– the boss will not be impressed.

Communication Skills Can Be Improved With A Little Work

If you want to succeed and achieve a high level within your industry, OlyLife encourages you to continually work on mastering your communication skills. Your grammar might be excellent, but perhaps your public speaking could be improved. If so, find situations outside of your office to speak to groups and then gradually bring your improved skills to the office for increased visibility.

Practice giving power point presentations at home (Without Reading The Slides!!) We recommend that you continue to build your vocabulary and read periodicals or web articles on your industry. If your read, read, read about your business, the competition, the metrics, the market and so on, you will become an expert and it will start to show.

Reading will also help you become a better communicator. When you find excellent information that will help your company, write a brief summary, attach the article and forward it on to your boss or other department heads as appropriate. Be sure to express how the forward thinking article can stimulate a way to improve your current business.

Proofread Before You Hit Send

Take a minute and re-read your communication before firing off your thoughts.  Whether it is a memo or a quick email, how you write reflects on you. If your message is not written in an excellent manner, rework it and then hit send.

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