Charlie, Britney, Lindsay, Other – Who Is The Role Model For Your Son Or Daughter

Do You or Your Kids Follow Celebrities?  Are They Role Models?

Whomever you choose to be role models for your family, they should be selected carefully.  Think about the attributes that you most admire – those that you wish your children would adopt.  Then identify real life folks who exemplify the traits that you would like to have them follow.  Intentional selection of role models can make a big difference in a youngster’s life.  If a teen is really keen on following the real life mishaps of a gangster that might be a much less of a successful strategy than the process of following a renown scientist or business leader.

Role Models – Be Deliberate In Who You or Your Family Members Choose To Follow

OlyLife recommends that you don’t leave Role Model selection to chance  “the accidental role model” – Be deliberate in the identification of the attributes that are truly special and select folks who embody them.  So, be wise in who your family selects as role models and you will be one step closer to making the most of your one and only life – That’s OlyLife!

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