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Third Time is A Charm

If you want to lose weight but have given up, OlyLife suggests that you try again!  You can improve your life if you don’t give up after a failed attempt to follow a doctor-recommended weight loss plan.  Think of losing weight as being similar to quitting smoking.  If you ever talk to people who have quit smoking, or done it yourself, oftentimes they will tell you that it took a bunch of tries.  Weight loss can be like that, too.  You may fall off your diet plan or miss the scheduled exercise.  We want to encourage you to get back on the horse and improve your life by achieving your doctor-recommended weight loss.  Don’t give up – just start anew!

Weight Management is an Ongoing Process

Managing to lose and maintain weight loss is an ongoing process.  Weight management has to be a change in lifestyle if you want to prevent the yo – yo effect of up and down weight loss – weight gain.  OlyLife would like to see you improve your life as you a adopt an ongoing never-give-up attitude as you work with your doctor to get to your desired weight.  It is normal to fluctuate within a couple of pounds, so don’t get frustrated if you lose three pounds and gain back two.  Just stay with your program of watching your calories, exercising, and regular monitoring with your doctor, and those pounds will come off.  Even if you lose three pounds and gain two every two weeks, you will still lose two pounds a month.  That’s 24 pounds in a year!! (*Only healthy for those whose doctor’s recommend losing that much.)

Persistence is Key For A Better Life and Weight Loss

Don’t be discouraged.  Keep taking baby steps with weight loss and those two pounds a month will pay off in the long run.  When is the last time you saw that much progress?!  So, go on and try, try again and you will be one step closer to making the most of your life – That’s OlyLife!

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Here are some resources that will help you as you seek to lose weight and improve you one and OlyLife!

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