Love Others Even When It’s Hard

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Love Is Not Always Easy

If you want life improvement, OlyLife suggests that you love others even when it is hard. Your life will improve as you teach yourself to show love to others, even those from who you are not ‘feeling the love.’   Isn’t it easy to love others who shower you will love and kindness? – Of course it is, but the real test comes when we are faced with loving those who may not be so easy to love.

Three Steps To Showing Love – Even When It’s Hard

1. Remember Life is “Not All About Me.” When you think of life from another person’s perspective, it becomes easier to understand that person’s feelings and motivations.  Avoid wallowing in your own feelings for that moment.  Put your focus on the other person.  Try to understand their background and why this situation is making them feel the way they are feeling.  It’s easier to love someone who is behaving badly when you realize it’s not all about you.

2. It Is Better To Give Than to Receive. Sure everyone likes it when someone shows us kindness or sends love our way.  Our joy is magnified, though, when we give to others. Isn’t it a great feeling when we see others benefit from our love and generosity?  Love others who may not reciprocate, and you will be blessed with the feeling of giving without expecting anything in return.  If you do get a positive response – that’s just icing on the cake!

3. Keep in Mind: All Human Beings Want Love and Respect. This is a basic fact of life.  Think about it.  What do you really want from others?   You want to be loved and respected for who you are as a person.  How often do you get love and respect?   I’ll bet you’d like more.   Well, if you shower others with love (even when it’s hard), you will be filling a basic human need, and over time it will have an impact on you and on the other person.

Love When It’s Hard and You Will Make A Difference

We believe that you can make a difference when you love others (even when it’s hard) by following the three steps above.  OlyLife believes that many would improve life by following these steps and perhaps family or work tragedies could be avoided if we all loved people during good and bad times.  So, take the challenge and love others even when it is not easy and you will be making the most of your life – That’s OlyLife!

Is there someone in your life that is hard to love?  Try being extra loving to them and let us know the results.  Are they shocked when you are kind to them?  Do they find it hard to be unloving back to you when you’re giving them respect?  Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

Here are some resources that will help you to love others, so read on and improve your one and OlyLife!

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